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Professional Holiday Lighting Guide for Greater St. Louis

Griswold Holding Christmas Tangled

Holiday lights


  • Use Supplies Rated for Outdoor Use: The right lights are critical to success. Check and double-check that all extension cords, power strips, and timers that are rated for outdoor use, so they can stand up to moisture, precipitation, and weather changes.
  • Know the Difference Between Incandescent Lights and LEDs: At Prestige Lighting Concepts, we prefer LEDs because they use about 10 percent of the energy of incandescent lights and will last for years. They may cost more upfront if you are purchasing outright, however, they will pay for themselves within the first couple of years while lasting for many years. Looking to save more money? When we do your holiday lighting then you get the lights from us saving you loads of money! It is a win-win for all!
  • Take Advantage of Specially Designed Lights: We have several types of lights to highlight your property and create a magical setting for the holidays. Single strands are great for spiral wrapping and Highlighting. Icicle lights provide a lot of illumination for straight elements like gutters and columns. Net-style lights are perfect for rows of bushes and hedges.
  • Use Light Clips: Staples, clothespins, and hooks are out of the question if you want a professional look. Through years of professional lighting experience, we have figured out the perfect way to support your holiday lights on all parts of your property. Donandrsquo;t use a regular staple gun and run the risk of shocking yourself and potentially cause several thousand dollars of damage to your property.


  • Don't Chain Too Many Strands Together: Don't be a Clark Griswold and always remember the 3-strands rule. No more than 3 strands connected together! Consumer-grade lighting is not made to withstand the rigors of multiple strands tied together. Our professional-grade lights are designed to safely illuminate your property installed by licensed, professional light technicians. Don't risk it!
  • Don't Ignore Proper Safety Precautions: Use common sense when you are doing any home install. Any time you're working with ladders, walking on your roof, or dealing with electricity, it's important to be smart. Teamwork makes the dream work- don't hang lights by yourself while home alone, and be sure to wear properly fitting clothing and gloves so nothing gets caught or snagged.
  • Don't Store your Lights Poorly: Better yet, don't store your lights at all. When Prestige Lighting Concepts does your holiday lighting, we install, maintain, and take down your lights while storing them during the off-season. Eazy-peezy! If you insist on storing your lights start with buying some Tylenol for the associated headache then make sure you keep your strands separated. Use whatever you can: keep the original boxes, wrap them around sheets of cardboard or wood, or use individual plastic grocery bags.

Give us a call today at (636) 782-3368 to have the most beautiful house on the block this holiday season with our unique, professional holiday lighting for your Greater St. Louis home or business!