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Why Should You Choose LED Landscape Lighting


Landscape Lighting Is Surprisingly Affordable

All the time here at Prestige Lighting Concepts, we are asked how much does landscape lighting cost. People are worried that their electricity bill will skyrocket if they are running a large outdoor lighting system every night. The truth is, with the technological advances of LED lamps, youandrsquo;ll be happy to hear that your lighting system will cost about the same as one cappuccino from your favorite coffee shop!

Landscape Lighting Has Changed More Than You Realize

There are a myriad of options that exist when you sit down with our team of lighting experts at Prestige. Some people still prefer a more traditional incandescent light or a halogen light. While those types of lights certainly look great, they are very expensive to operate. You are wasting money and electricity every minute those lights run. The future has arrived with LED outdoor lights. New LED lighting costs less to operate and the bulbs have a much longer shelf life.

LED Lighting has advanced tremendously in the past few years. The older LED lights could sometimes be very white and a little harsh to look at. That is no longer the case. New LED landscape lights have the softer lighting that many people prefer in the outdoor lights. They are also much safer to have installed around your vegetation, pool, patio, or pathway because they create much less heat when they are on.

To put it in perspective, a halogen landscape lighting system will increase your monthly bill by an average of $25 dollars. This is certainly affordable, but we highly recommend a higher level of efficiency for you. If you consider that an older system of lights uses around 800 watts of energy per hour per the 100 or so watts of energy an LED lighting system uses then it is a no brainer in what to choose.

Modern low-voltage LED landscape lighting uses 15-20 percent less energy than incandescent or halogen bulbs. What does this mean? Simple, more money in your bank account every month!

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