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Prestige Lighting Concepts has become the leader in the Greater St. Louis area for landscape, pool, and patio lighting by consistently creating beautiful outdoor lighting for our residential and commercial neighbors. Now, we are excited to be able to bring you professional commercial-grade outdoor audio. With several solutions to choose from, you are guaranteed to get the sound quality and visual look that will blow you away. We caution you though, you may never want to leave your outdoor spaces while enjoying your favorite music and welcoming outdoor lighting. 




Why Choose Prestige For Your Outdoor Audio?


At Prestige Lighting Concepts, we are sure to be able to provide you the look and sound you want with landscape speakers that deliver the audio you need. Our team of outdoor audio experts will create a design to take full advantage of our high-quality speakers in your business or home space. Our speakers provide the sound dispersion that delivers complete sound coverage free of any hotspots or dropouts. For that perfect patio, pool, or a lawn, your speakers will cover you with sound while staying almost entirely hidden from sight.

Dreaming of Underwater Speakers For Your Pool?

                                                              Take your pool to the next level with high-                                                                                    performance speakers that mount flush to your pool                                                                  walls for effortless listening while you swim. Yes, it is                                                                true! We can create a system that takes the music                                                                        underwater that you enjoy while having some old-                                                                      fashioned pool fun or doing your swim workout. 

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