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We are your lighting specialists at Prestige Lighting Concepts, serving the Greater St. Louis area, including Wentzville and surrounding communities. We know exactly what you need to help produce the best lighting designs to have your home or business looking better than ever. Our team of trained, certified and award-winning architectural and landscape lighting designers will create a custom-tailored look to welcome you home every night. Whether it is residential lighting, commercial lighting, holiday lighting or security lighting, we continue to design landscape lighting that allows the night to shine for you while keeping your property looking beautiful, increasing the value, and providing security to your family. Call 636-856-1765 and schedule your free landscape lighting consultation today!

At Prestige Lighting Concepts, we take a tremendous amount of pride with our professional installation of your Greater St. Louis architectural and landscape lighting system. Our years of experience and industry expertise allow you to expect the highest standards from start to finish in every job we do. Our goal with every job includes having the integrity to do the job as we say we will. Our team of landscape and architectural lighting professionals work until the job is completed while leaving your property perfectly clean once we are done. There is also minimal disturbance to you during our lighting installation. Once we finish, your outdoor lighting project is your property engulfed in the warm elegance of your new landscape lighting and peace of mind from our meticulous installation that it was installed correctly. It is not unusual that our clients will refer to our landscape lighting as a work of art.

Your Greater St. Louis Architectural & Landscape Lighting Installation Specialists

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Your Greater St. Louis landscape lighting is only as good as the lighting fixtures that it is made of. Besides, what good is landscape lighting if it doesn’t work? After a lot of research and field tests, we can provide you with the highest quality outdoor lighting available. Our fixtures are designed to stand against the heat of summer and our harsh winters while maintaining their handsome look year after year.

Not only do our landscape lighting fixtures maintain their look, but they also are the ultimate choice in first-class technology. A Prestige Lighting Concept outdoor lighting system gives you a plethora of choices in new cost-saving technologies that will keep you and your bank account happy.

Prestige Lighting Provides the Best in Landscape Lighting Fixtures
Prestige Lighting Concepts Provide System Maintenance & Repairs for Your Greater St. Louis Landscape Lighting

Our landscape lighting systems are designed to keep your residential and commercial properties lit up for years. If for any reason you are having trouble with your outdoor lighting, then all you have to do is call 636-856-1765 and we will come to you as quickly as we can for any lighting system repairs that you may need.

We also provide regular landscape lighting maintenance that helps eliminate problems before they happen while keeping your architectural lighting in proper working order all year long.

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Got Questions About Landscape lighting? No Problem, Call Us at 636-856-1765

Make the investment in your property that will have your home looking great at night, increase your home’s value and provide security for you and your family. Prestige Lighting Concepts can answer any questions you have to help you get started to light up the night with just one call to 636-856-1765.

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